1. Okay, here’s the deal. I have a list of 20 winners, but I’m not completely sure it’s accurate. This is what I’ve got:

    yamatoast, sn-orlax, mrspiritual, raestic, hanjeez, gruenteeblatt, dickyfitness, gregoryverrault, benditlikekorra, avatarzeldaobsession, sabrinagarridoz, puffthejiggly, pabu44, saikhantheloyal, bazuzuu, jennyatsdcc, makos-lightningrod, amiraelizabeth, mischiefeevee, beifonger, megannkelly

    All of you should send me your desired character immediately, if you haven’t already, as well as the email you’d like me to send the picture to and your name or anything personal about yourself that would help me personalize it for you.

    NOW- because I’m not completely sure if that list is correct or not, this is the list of people with correct answers that submitted before 9pm:

    rainpool989, half-blood-printz, iciclebadge, inverselylogical, numbah-wan-avatar, thespacebrat, kitkyat, dontmesswithwatertribe, rueroo, christineisforc, lion-turtle-duck, apersoncalledyou, -asphyxiation-, kellyykao, quinchilla, destructokitteh, fireferretfuzzies, frylordazula, gotochell

    So if you’re listed in that second bunch, send me your character too, and this is the deal I’ll make: if your favorite character happens to be the same as one of the characters submitted by that top 20 people? Congratulations, you get a drawing. I won’t do any new character drawings for the second group, but I will happily send along a duplicate of the drawing for the first group with at least some text personalization on it. That’s fair, right?

    YOU SHOULD KNOW that it will probably take me a while to finish these drawings and get them sent to you, so please be patient with me. 

    EVERYBODY- thanks so much for watching and taking the time to take pictures of your tv screens and sending me blurry upside down Varrick shots. I hope you enjoyed the episode, and hopefully we can do something like this again soon.

  2. Hey! So on Friday at 8pm, Nick will be airing my favorite episode that I directed for  Book 2, “Night Of A Thousand Stars,” written by Josh Hamilton. It’s Bolin-centric, which is probably why it’s my favorite. It’s going to air as part of an hour block with “Harmonic Convergence,” written by Tim Hedrick and directed by Ian Graham, but I didn’t have anything to do with that. You should watch that one, too, though.

    So! To celebrate the airing of my favorite episode, I’d like to have a little contest. I’m going to post three weird drawings that I did for the animatic version of the show. You post screen caps of the actual beautiful Mir animation that resulted from these weird drawings, and I’ll email you a drawing of your favorite Korra character signed (digitally, in photoshop) by as many of my coworkers that I can coerce. Tag #NOATS or  #cbheck or #colin heck in your post and I’ll see it. I’ll only do one drawing per character (so for example, anybody that requests Bolin will get the same Bolin drawing), but I’ll personalize each one when I send it somehow. Clear enough? No? Here we go anyway!

    Here’s Edgar Allan Poe




    I don’t get why people think Unalaq’s evil. Look at how happy he is!


    There you go! Screen cap away! Enjoy the episode and the rest of the season!

    EDIT: posting these clarifications as edits just in case:

    RULE CLARIFICATION: The first 20 people to post the screencaps and tag #NOATS will win. At least, the first 20 people that show up in the tag when I check it. I think that happens chronologically, right? Also, no re-blogs. You must post them yourself. 


    These screencaps are all from the same episode, “Night Of A Thousand Stars,” hence the #NOATS tag. Further clarifications as events warrant.

  3. It seems like the entire storyboard crew has slowly been infected by Attack On Titan fever. Eugene’s cube wall is but one more symptom.

    It seems like the entire storyboard crew has slowly been infected by Attack On Titan fever. Eugene’s cube wall is but one more symptom.

  4. Since I’m currently on alert waiting for Liz to go into labor, I won’t be at Comic Con this year. Also, I injured my knee yesterday so me poor auld bones couldn’t handle San Diego even if I wasn’t on BabyWatch 2013. This is sad because they’re going to be screening the first episode of Korra I directed tomorrow at the panel, and I won’t get to see everybody’s reactions. If you go, feel free to message me and let me know what you thought of everything, and also high five everybody down there for me. I am sad that I won’t be able to responsibly enjoy adult beverages with them this year.

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