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This rollercoaster ride is so good, but will the sinking feeling in my gut go away by the end of Book 3?

Bro, I think that’s ulcerative colitis. You should get that checked out.

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You are rly pacific on spoilers

This whole time, I’ve been trying to pass myself off as atlantic about spoilers, but you’re right. I can’t hide my true nature any longer.

BTW, I figured out that the number of tumblr posts I make on the weekend is exactly proportional to the number of hours of work I’m supposed to be doing

How much more real is the poop going to get

I have a strict no-spoiler policy, but in this case I’ll make an exception: SO REAL, YOU GUYS

hmm let me rephrase that. Does the Red Lotus kill tenzin?

You know I can’t seriously answer that, right? You’ll just have to wait and see. Wouldn’t you rather find out by watching the show rather than me answering a question of such grave importance on tumblr?

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I love how you guys are tagging that as a spoiler instead of the non-answer it is. Please don’t ever stop being adorable.

Does tenzin die?

Valar morghulis


bumi and kyaaaaa

guessing their age difference from that family photo, if bumi is 10 years older than tenzin, he’s 10-11 in that photo and kya looks like 2 so idk i guess a strapping 16 year old bumi and 8 year old kya lol

actual brotp doe

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The question is, if the Anon reacted so strongly to The Ultimatum, would they even survive watching the finale? ;)

The weird thing is that the finale is everybody hugging it out and going to Ember Island to catch a play together, so the Anon probably would have been fine oh no I’ve said too much

Guys, thanks for all the awesome messages about “The Ultimatum.” I don’t want to post most of them publicly because they’re all a bit spoilery, but I couldn’t resist posting my favorite. Apologies for the language:

I should probably not enjoy this ask as much as I do, but it just makes me so happy. I’m not offended at all. I’m thrilled that the episode inspired this much passion in somebody.

Anon, whoever you are, please let me know if you continue to refuse to watch the last two episodes of book 3 because “Ultimatum” was too much for you. I seriously want to know.